Monthly Exposure .15th.


East River Valley Park //

One month later, this area is  almost completely thawed and on the cusp of showing signs of spring. This series of photographs was shot on an iPhone 6, because I didn’t have my Nikon 5100 on me and it was a very spontaneous trip when I was driving home from work.

After seeing the difference that a month made in this area, I have decided to create a long-term photo-series at this location. I will be going back to photograph it’s seasonal progress on the 15th of every month as we move from winter to spring in Iowa.

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to sharing this adventure and project with you. Comment below with any suggestions or ideas you would like to see implemented during this series!


2 thoughts on “2.15.17”

  1. Really like the way you’ve captured the reflections in the upper left pic and the soft color of the sky mirrored in the water. It really does set a mood where the viewer feels that spring is just around the corner, but definitely not here yet. Very nicely done!

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