Portland, ME // East End Beach

Who says that beaches are only meant for the summer? After visiting the University of Maine Law School and grabbing some lunch (Duck Fat’s french fries – go check ’em out), dad and I decided to walk around Portland. Instead of exploring the downtown area, we headed straight to the water. After being landlocked for the past few years, I was going to the beach while back in New England – winter weather be damned.

Things we learned from our little coastal excursion? 1) Some dogs don’t care how cold the water is, they are going to sit in it anyways, 2) Some people measure distance in miles, we now know that it is exactly two West Wing Weekly podcasts, and 3) Sand takes forever to get out of your shoes (#worthit)

Now, go try and be as happy as a German Shepard with a rock on the beach in March



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