Church of Christ, Scientist // Boston, MA

Another trip home, another tourist adventure. Dad and I spent Saturday afternoon wandering around downtown Boston, and went toured both the Christian Science Publishing House’s Mapparium and the Church of Christ, Scientist (and it’s 13,000+ pipe organ).

The church is absolutely stunning, and it is full of rich history. Did you know that the Christian Science Church was founded in Massachusetts? This structure on Massachusetts Ave is the religion’s “Mother Church” or its Headquarters. The original church was built in 1894, and the 1906 Church Extension seats roughly 3,000 people. Outside of the church lays a reflection pool – although it is currently under renovations to help make it more environmentally-friendly.

Besides the awe-inspiring beauty of this phenomenal church, it’s incredible stained glass and historical significance – I walked away reminded yet again why I love Boston so much. This 127-year-old church is located right in the middle of multiple skyscrapers, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, part of Northeastern University and countless other urban happenings. That’s Boston. Historical and modern all in span of one block.

Note: Photographs not for commercial use – simply for viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


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