European Vacation: Italy, Germany, Switzerland and a few places and lessons in-between


Des Moines, IA to Atlanta, GA to Venice, Italy // The Adventure Begins

On June 9th, I started an incredible journey to Europe with 5 of my best friends. Every graduate’s dream? I support that.

I was fortunate to travel with my sister, Haley, across the United States and into the unknown land of Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. We arrived Saturday morning after a Disney Movie inspired red-eye flight from Atlanta (ps. please for the love of anything and everything fix your “free wifi”).

After making our way through customs, we continued our day by taking the bus into Venice proper from the hotel that our tour group is calling home for the next two days. A group of six of us wandered around Venice Proper; frequently getting “lost” or as what we liked to call it “earning our FitBit steps.” We walked across the glass bridge onto the countless islands that make up Venice. From there we winded our way through alleyways, along canals, and past many many churches.

We experienced many people trying to sell us selfie sticks, but also tasted our first Italian meals full of pasta, caprese, spritz drinks (the local favorite) and seafood. Later on, post showers and semi-naps, we all gathered as a tour group to review our week-long itinerary which involves some pretty awesome bucket-list items followed by closing down the local wine bars with fantastic Italian wines. Overall, today we learned that following a path doesn’t mean that you will be able to turn left and keep going – instead, frequently you will have to turn around and completely retrace your steps. We also learned that gelato is acceptable and any and every hour of the day (Get on board or get lost). Most importantly, we learned that traveling with your best friends is beyond a blessing, and meeting new friends along the way is an undeserved bonus.

Tomorrow we will go on an official tour of Venice with a local guide, treat ourselves to a Gondola ride, eat more gelato (with zero shame) and consume more delicious local wine. Until then, here are a few snapshots of our European Adventure with #BobartAndTheBiddies



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