European Vacation: Italy, Germany, Switzerland and a few places and lessons in-between


Venice, Italy // day two

Today started out early with breakfast at our hotel and then a bus ride to the Venice Harbor Port. We took a boat from the harbor to San Marco where the St. Mark Basilica    is located along with the hundreds of small islands that make up all of Venice. We were given a tour of the area by a local guide, who showed us the ins and outs of the city via tight, winding streets and alleys. After our tour, we learned about the glassblowing process with a local company who makes so many incredible pieces (Laguna Murano, check ’em out!). Later in the morning, a large portion of our tour group had a gelato break before we went on a Gondola ride.

The six of us wrapped up our morning/afternoon with a late lunch at a local Italian restaurant where I found a gluten free pasta spaghetti and almost everyone else had pizza. This was a fantastic lunch where we were able to cool down and reflect on our day so far as well as plan the rest of our afternoon. Emily had found a video on Facebook a month back about an open air art instillation in Venice that we tracked down in the afternoon. We wandered our way to the Grand Canal where we found the art piece (shown below) and devoured more gelato and fresh fruit. Along this walk, we also bought masquerade masks which are a key feature in the Festival held every year in Venice.

Things we learned in Venice:

  1. People don’t move out of the way when you’re walking and going to bump into each other
  2. Streets and cobblestone are easy to trip on (changing our group hashtag to
  3. You can’t cut across side streets – most will stop at a dead end and you have to back track anyways
  4. Just because a guy walks up and hands you a rose in the middle of St. Marks Square doesn’t mean that it’s free

Once back on the mainland, our group attended a Family Dinner Style wine tasting. We were given a tour of this family-run winery and they served us a fantastic pasta meal full of singing and laughter.

Edit: Pictures added


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