European Vacation: Italy, Germany, Switzerland and a few places and lessons in-between


Verona, Italy // Innsbruck, Austria // Munich, Germany // day three

Our third day in Europe involved us crossing a ton of European borders. We started our day checking out of our hotel in Venice, Italy. From Venice, we took a bus to Verona where high school me nerded out hard core about Romeo and Juliet as we were able to visit Juliet’s house. Fun fact: touching the breast of Juliet’s bronze statue is supposed to give you luck – I opted for more gelato and a few postcards to send to Mom and Dad. On our way into the city of Verona, we passed a colosseum that still hosts outdoor opera concerts, and there were giant hand statues that appeared to be a part of the set outside of the colosseum.

From Verona, we drove an hour and a half to Austria and specifically the city of Innsbruck; and watched the Sound of Music which introduced us to the great country of Austria. Innsbruck is the home to Swarvoski Crystals and they allowed us to tour their facilities for a while before venturing off to find strudel and other foods! Around Innsbruck are a ton of street performers, but we have learned to not engage with them as they unexpectedly ask for money after talking with you. Despite yesterdays gluten-free find for lunch, we scrounged for Ally-friendly food at a local grocery store where we found fruit and a salad and rounded out the meal with all-American McDonald fries.

From Innsbruck we traveled another three hours to Munich where we checked into our hotel and eventually traveled to the HB: Hofbrauhaus – Beer Garden. Here we enjoyed local music, city sights and good food/drinks before crashing for the night.

Tomorrow is filled with a local walking tour of Munich and a trip to the Duchau Concentration Camp.

Note: despite eight-plus hours on a bus, we covered three countries and my fitbit still tracked over 16,000 steps. #europe.

Edit: Pictures added


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