European Vacation: Italy, Germany, Switzerland and a few places and lessons in-between


Lucerne, Switzerland // Swiss Alps // day six

Our adventures through Lucerne and the Swiss Alps were to date, and by far, my favorite part of the trip. Mountains just make me happy. From our hotel in Engleberg we took a bus to Lucerne, jumped on a boat across the lake to the foothills of the Alps and finally a cogwheel train to the top of the mountain (a whopping 6,000 feet!). Before we ventured up the mountain, we grabbed coffee and lunch in the city of Lucerne where we came across a parade and were surprised with a cannonball welcoming. We later learned that it was a national holiday in Switzerland celebrating Corpius Christi. While most of the local stores were closed due to the holiday, it was a lot of fun to explore the streets and window shop before our boat ride across the lake.

The mountain air was incredible and the views were indescribable. Everything was gorgeous and perfect, and I think that a piece of my soul is still up there somewhere. We lucked out with the weather (there was a 60-70% chance of rain) as it stayed in the mid-70s and only started to rain right before we took a cable car back down the mountain to our bus.

My favorite part about the mountains was the 360 degree view of Lucerne you have. From the Lake to the hillsides to the surrounding peaks; everywhere you look, there is a drastically different view.

Once back at the bottom and in the city of Lucerne, we stopped a Bachmann’s for some real deal Swiss Chocolate (spoiler alert mom: you do have to share) before wandering more around the cobblestones streets.

We ended our day back in Engleberg where our group of six from Iowa made our way through the downtown area to find a restaurant that served fondue. Our expedition was successful and we had a great time bantering with our sarcastic, but incredibly patient and helpful waiter.

Next stop: Frankfurt, Germany via the Alsace Region of France.



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