European Vacation: Italy, Germany, Switzerland and a few places and lessons in-between


Alsace, France // Frankfurt, Germany // day seven

From our hotel in Engleberg, Switzerland we traveled by bus through the Alsace Region of France to Frankfurt, Germany. Our stop in Eguisheim, France was straight out of a Disney movie, and we walked around singing songs from Beauty and the Beast most of the time. There were adorable pastry shops as well as magnificent vineyards surrounding the entire town. Our lunch was at a great local restaurant where I was able to find my favorite French red wine which I paired with a fantastic salad. If I hadn’t already been making room for the two bottles of Italian wine, I would have picked up another bottle of this Cote de Rhone perfection. We were able to wander the streets and pick up a few more postcards before continuing towards Frankfurt, Germany.

Once we got settled into our hotel in Frankfurt, we visited the Maintower which is located in the financial district of the city. Frankfurt has been nicknamed “Bankfurt” by some as it is the banking center of Germany. We eventually made our way over through Old Town Frankfurt to a local beer house for dinner where we ate family style outside and enjoyed a popular German cider called apfelwein.

We ended our day with a night out in Frankfurt singing karaoke and getting to know some of the locals!

Next up: Heidelberg, Germany


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