Monthly Exposure .15th.

6.15.17 + 10

East River Valley Park // Ames, IA // Daily Post

The 15th of the Month photoshoot at East River Valley hit a little bit of a snag with the whole being out the country adventure followed by jet-lag recovery and a trip to Boston. However, I did finally make it out to check on the seasonal progress of one of my favorite places in Ames.

Things I learned/noticed:

  1. Remember to wear bug spray now that it’s actually summer
  2. The narrow path along that one part of the river has eroded even more and is super narrow
  3. Some day I’ll remember to bring my bird identification book with me
  4. The massive rain storms we’ve had recently have definitely made their mark on the trails – the number of trees and branches down were noticeable (especially the branches blocking one of the trails)
  5. The weather has also taken a toll on the caution sign for skiers; the actual caution sign is nowhere to be found, but the barrier it was on is in pieces along the side of the trail
  6. Sunday afternoons are prime for the three mile loop – there was only one other person there and it was super quiet

3 thoughts on “6.15.17 + 10”

  1. Great photos of the woodland and river Ally. and I love your comment about needing to remember your bird book, I go armed with my bird, insect and flower ID books everywhere I go, much to the amusement of my wife! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re most welcome Ally 🙂
        I just had to look up ‘fanny pack’, it did seem like an odd place to keep books! Lol!! Maybe just the extra lens!
        But now I know what it is, I think a small rucksack would be more appropriate 🙂

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