Story County Conservation // Ames, IA

90° temperatures and absurd humidity didn’t stop me from an evening hike around one of my favorite places in Ames last night. While it did cut the final hike on the George H. Clark Sr Trail a little short, there were so many highlights about this walk. I always stop to read the sign about pollinator fuel stations which is located at the beginning of the park. Pollinators (such as bees and butterflies) are what keeps our world and lives going round, and helping them survive and do their jobs is so simple. You can set up a small pollinator fuel station in your own yard with native and pesticide free flowers! Any size – – from a small pot to a large garden – helps support the industries that we rely on for food, clothing, etc.

Another part of Story County Conservation that I love to visit involves interactive activities such as the Climbing and Music/Movement Areas. It was especially fun to make some noise with the metal and wooden xylophones when the park was so quiet. While there weren’t other people walking around, I did come across a new turtle friend, deer and coyote tracks on the sidewalk and per usual a wide variety of bird calls in the trees. One difference between Story County Conservation and East River Valley is the prairie grass that SCC has. It is always fun to hear the different movements in the grass you are walking along even when you never see that is making the noise.

By the time I was making my way back towards my car the sun was starting to set. Few things compare to an Iowa sunset, and this one made the sweat and mosquito bites worth it!


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