Monthly Exposure .15th.

7.15.17 + 2

East River Valley Park // Ames, IA


Apologies for being a smidge late on posting July’s trip to ERVP! This 15th of the Month photoshoot was extremely bittersweet. Two weeks ago, I moved away from the place that I have called home for the past six years and back to my hometown of Boston, MA. This last trip to East River Valley was stunning; and in true Iowa summer fashion hot as hell (95F, 79% humidity, sunny – the whole nine yards). That being said, it was a very welcomed break from packing!

Everything was still incredibly green and bustling, and the water was fairly high given the somewhat recent rain. While the birds were noticeably quieter, we spotted two deer along the northern part of the trail who didn’t seem to mind human existence for a hot sec before jetting back off into the woods.

The erosion along the banks of the river were even more prominent than in June, and I think that by sometime next spring/summer parts of the trail along those banks will be non-existent. However, being able to walk down the banks and right up to the water is always a blast!

After wandering around East River Valley, we hopped over the the other side of the river and walked along the trail to observe what the erosion on that side was like in comparison. The western trail is much wider than the east and eroding in different ways. It is clear where huge chunks of the banks have fallen off at the same time, and there was even a small, but noticeable sink-hole in middle of a paved portion of the trail.

I was able to sneak in one last hike around ERVP after this photoshoot before starting the road trip back to Boston with my dad, but I’m really going to miss coming here whenever I want to get away from real life. Thanks for following along as I tracked the seasonal progression of one of my favorite places in Ames, and if anyone wants to keep this project going through January 2018 hit me up! Who knows, there might be a book somewhere in this adventure.

Peace out, Iowa! Hello, New England photography ❤️


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