Monthly Exposure .15th.


East River Valley Park // Ames, IA // The Daily Post

Another month, another photoshoot. East River Valley continues to bloom as we creep further towards summer. Everything was super green and vibrant, which I actually found a little more challenging to shoot. The consistent color throughout the trail made a lot of my photos look the same, and I struggled to find unique angles on the wildlife. One of the highlights of this trip, however, was seeing all of the bumblebees successfully pollinating (despite the anger that my sinuses are currently exuding from the pollen). The boil of Red Tailed Hawks was pretty freaking awesome too (fun fact: a “boil” is when two or more Hawks are spiraling in flight)

Bonus: the water was warm enough (wuddup 88 degree weather and shallow rivers) to stick my feet in.

I’m also catching up on some Daily Post photo challenges.

Since January, East River Valley has had a sign warning about a narrow trail that is not suitable for skiing/snowshoeing. For the past two months I couldn’t help but chuckle that this sign and barrier were still up despite the warm weather. Two weeks ago, the Daily Post challenge was about “danger.” I thoroughly enjoy the irony of the East River Valley caution sign; which has since been moved to the side of the trail.

Additionally, while Earth Day was a few weeks ago, I think that every day should celebrate the earth we live on, because we only have one. It is not “ours;” we do not own the Earth. Instead, earth is an entity that we are lucky enough to have access too. Let’s make sure to take care of it as it takes care of us. The bumblebees are such a prime example of this. If you like the food you eat, the clothes you wear and the materials you use on a daily basis – go plant some native flowers (it doesn’t have to be a massive garden; a small pot on your porch helps a ton too!) and create a bee/butterfly fueling station to aid these essential creatures as they pollinate the world around us.

Don’t know where to start in planting your bumblebee/butterfly garden? Check out the Blank Park Zoo’s Plant, Grow, Fly program!

Monthly Exposure .15th.


East River Valley Park //

Spring is officially here! During this hike through the East River Valley trails, it was amazing to see all the signs of life making their annual comeback. It is still early enough in the season that only half of the trees and brush are green. There weren’t many people out on the trails, which made for a very peaceful walk to soak in the sights and sounds of spring. The highlights of this trip were coming across a Downy Woodpecker, who I heard long before I could see, and the fresh beaver markings on many of the trees.


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3.15.17 + 1

East River Valley Park //

Sometimes Mother Nature gets in the way of plans. This month’s trip to East River Valley was delayed a day when my camera and I got stuck in Boston due to a Nor’easter. Ames has seen some snow in the past month, and it was incredible to see the effect that it has had on the river. At dusk, the water appeared almost green, and despite the freezing wind there was a glimmer of hope that this is the last time we will see the trees completely bare until next winter.

Monthly Exposure .15th.


East River Valley Park //

One month later, this area is  almost completely thawed and on the cusp of showing signs of spring. This series of photographs was shot on an iPhone 6, because I didn’t have my Nikon 5100 on me and it was a very spontaneous trip when I was driving home from work.

After seeing the difference that a month made in this area, I have decided to create a long-term photo-series at this location. I will be going back to photograph it’s seasonal progress on the 15th of every month as we move from winter to spring in Iowa.

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to sharing this adventure and project with you. Comment below with any suggestions or ideas you would like to see implemented during this series!